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Članovi UPRIS-a na međunarodnoj znanstvenoj konferenciji u Austriji

5th pnn conference
Detalj s konferencije

Detalj s konferencije

Članovi UPRIS-a predstavili su svoj rad „Geological collections in schools“ na međunarodnoj znanstvenoj konferenciji (5th PNN Conference 2010) koja se održala od 16. do 18. rujna 2010. u austrijskom gradu Klingenbachu, pod pokroviteljstvom tvrtke Hotwell (www.hotewell.at).

Pročitajte sažetak predstavljenog rada: „Geological collections in schools“
Geological collections in schools

Zvonko Bumber, mag. educ. geol. et geog.
UPRIS – Association for natural science research, Croatia, Sibenik

Vicko Sviličić, prof. geol. et geog. Natural science school, Croatia, Split

Since the founding of the first schools in Croatia until the middle of the 20th century, geology has had the deserved position in the school curriculum. After that Geology was dropped from the curriculum and became divided into similar disciplines like Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Considering the history of Planet Earth and the understanding of it processes are of crucial importance, at least for high school education, we came to the conclusion that more attention should be given to geology in schools. The fact which speaks in our benifit is that in developed countries there are obligatory subjects like Earth Science or Geo-science.
So we recommend our project under the title ‘Geological collections in schools’ bearing in mind the methodical benifits of this educational tool, the qulity and durabilty of the collection and its accessible price.

Collections will be made from a couple of dozen basic rock types (Photograph 1), chracteristic for the area of Croatia. They will be divided into three groups Sedimentary, Magmatic and Metamorphic. The number and details of the samples will depend whether the schools are Elementary, Grammar or Science schools. The samples will be held in specialised illuminated cabinets, in the geography classrooom or the school hall. Also there is the possibility of making a mineral collection which would be suitable for the chemistry classroom. (Photograph 2).
Both collections will be presented with full textual explanations of the name, type, locations and genesis of each sample. The manual will also contain photographs of the areas where samples were taken, together with excercises and exams for teachers to use. With this kind of educational tool, teachers and then students will gain a unique understanding about geological proccesses and geology itself.

Assosiation for Natural Science research has plans to donate several geologiocal collections and already has a number of schools interested in the project, so we hope that our project will be accepted on a national and international level.

Mineral collection

Mineral collection

Representative rock types

Representative rock types


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